Another day, another fever

Official weight today: 7 lbs 2.4 oz.

BabyBug had a fever AGAIN this morning. Her doc said if it happens again she wants to do a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. That being said, she doesn’t think Leah is acting sick and she thinks most likely the aspiration is causing the fever. BabyBug now has IVs in her hand and her foot for the antibiotics. The respiratory therapist says she thinks the doc will probably discontinue the albuterol treatments some time in the next day or so. The surgeons are still trying to plan a time to cauterize the granulation tissue around the Mic-Key button and do another contrast study. They’re just trying to coordinate the timing with her doctor since she shouldn’t be in the OR while she’s still having fevers.

All things considered, BabyBug had a pretty good day. I met up with another student from my grad program whose baby is at the hospital across the street. We visited in her baby’s room for a bit and then she came to meet Leah. We hope they get to go home soon!! BabyBug also had visits from her Gran and from cousin Erin and one of her bandmates.

Oh hai, BabyBug is wearing a baby bug!

5 thoughts on “Another day, another fever

  1. Lil Babybug! I hope you feel better soon. Great weight gain though! Aspiration pneumonia can cause spikey fevers. Ugh! Hope it gets solved soon. XO

  2. Love the baby bug on the baby bug! Can’t believe how red her hair is! Now she’d be even that much cuter if she would kick the fever. 🙂 XOXO

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