And Apes

In case you’re still wondering about weight, Leah is 9 lbs and just over 4 oz. They have returned to weighing her every day (up from every week), probably because we stopped fortifying her milk.

This afternoon Grandpa Bill and Grandma Barbie came to visit. They started joke-squabbling over who got to hold her first, and I jumped in and said, “Okay guys – Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock.”  Good times. In the end I made them pick a number between 1 and 100, because I couldn’t remember the order of operations for the other one. For the record, the number was 77. Grandma Barbie won with her guess of 66. Grandpa Bill’s guess was 12. I know you wanted to know.

BabyBug had a long road to SleepyTown tonight. We replaced her repogle, changed about 10 diapers (not sure that’s an exaggeration – the kid is on Lasix so she pees SO MUCH), cleaned out some cloggy tubes, sang, danced, nommed on tiny toes, snuggled, bounced, vibrated, rocked… she finally seemed ready for some real sleep after the midnight feed, so I picked her up and bounced and rocked her to sleep with a medley of songs including, “Somewhere That’s Green” and “Don’t Feed the Plants” from Little Shop of Horrors, “It’s a Small World,” “Tum Balalaika” (in Yiddish), and “This is Very Good,” a Jewish camp song alternatively known as “When God Made the World.” Those of you in the know about our history with Jewish summer camp may appreciate that when I got to the line, “AND APES,” her sleepy little face broke out into a big grin. That’s my girl!

In other news, tonight our child will likely dream about an apocalyptic battle between apes and giant man-eating flytraps that takes place somewhere in suburbia.

The prettiest little Mickey you ever did see.

4 thoughts on “And Apes

  1. Diverse medleys are the best medleys. Clearly it was a ton of work to get her to sleep, but wow, was she precious once she got there!

  2. Such a sweet pic, as always!

    LITTLE SHOP is one of my favorite musicals. Can’t wait to see pics of Leah at her first Disneyland visit!

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