A quick update

Sorry it’s been so long – busy week! Quick update – Leah had another dilation tomorrow (Thursday), and they will inject a steroid into her esophagus to help ease the inflammation and keep the stricture from tightening after dilations. They will keep her on the weekly schedule for the time being.

We also had an interesting discovery in speech therapy today – Leah has not been turning when she hears sounds and voices, but there seems to be a difference depending on what side the noise is on. She turned to investigate a rattle shaken on her right side even while she completely ignored it when it was on the left. In PICU all the bells and alarms were on the left – and the left side is also the side the ENT could not see. So we still don’t know what is going on, but it is something.

Trying a little something new with the cannula… We will see how it goes!

3 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. So cute I’m praying that it is just a retrainning of the sounds she hears and not some hearing problem. Can’t wait to meet the sweet little LeahBug in May. Thanks for the updated they are awesome.

  2. Interesting information about the side difference. We’ll just have to see where all that leads.

    How did Cannula Hat go?

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