A pooptastic morning

Well, our little bubbeleh had an exciting morning. It turns out that her central line has been leaking. Not sure whether that’s what was leaking last night, and I’m pretty sure the g-tube was also leaking, but the central line was dislodged from where it was supposed to be, and “stuff” was coming out and her wee shoulder was looking all swollen.. Surgery came by to take it out a little while ago. Not long before that, Leah had to have a mini bath because she had a giant poopsplosion and then had to have her leads and cannula changed because it was all so terrifically messy. The good news? Mama Lisa missed all the poopy excitement because she went to go get the car smogged (woohoo.). Sorry, Mommy Mandy.

photo 2
This is our baby.

This is our baby on drugs.

Any questions?

3 thoughts on “A pooptastic morning

  1. What is the little sore on her cheek? I would ask them for a different kind of tape so it does not irritate the little Bug. Every time I look at her, I stare for a minute or two because she has so many of Lisa’s features and I’m like wow, way cool.

    • Poor Leahbug always has little red marks all over her little cheeks, There is no other kind of tape they could use on her face that might be a little more less damaging to her small little fragile face ? Glad she is doing good n praying still…love u Leahbug

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