A Magical Mommy Moment

I’ll skip all of last night’s stress (more raspies and crankies and up ’til 2AM) and share a little moment that has me in complete awe of our little bug. Leah was super-raspy so I leaned her forward to pat her on the back (one of the tricks the NICU nurses taught us) and she started nomming on my wrist. So I gave her the paci since she seemed to want to suck on something. As she was sucking I saw her little hands start to open and close, so I was like, “Hmmm, I wonder what would happen…” so I got the Boppy and put her in a nursing position with the pacifier wedged between us, and she totally got calm and made some little kneads at my chest. We stayed like that for a good 15-20 minutes or so, with her nomming on the paci and staring up at me with her big baby-colored eyes. This little bug has never had a chance to breast-feed and yet even after three months she still knows what she’s supposed to do and is still calmed by going through the motions. She’s such a little miracle.

8 thoughts on “A Magical Mommy Moment

  1. So glad you two had that miracle connection — nothing closer or more peaceful! You all have been through so much — wishing you more miracle moments with your strong, beautiful girl! Love and hugs!

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