A little something to tide you over…

How you know your child loves you, #132: Your baby has been fussing and fussing but you’ve been waiting to see if she’ll calm down. When you finally go to pick her up, she stops fussing immediately, looks up at you with an expression of sheer adoration and peace… and lets out a giant poop.

I love you too, BabyBug.

BabyFace in the sunlight! With no window in between! I’ve got lots more pictures for you, and another update… but the little sweetie pie has not been allowing me much time on the computer. It will happen tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “A little something to tide you over…

  1. She looks so good and relaxed….how about you guys? Take her home only make sure the home nurse sees you first and has a list of what is needed. Good luck.

  2. That is HILARIOUS, Gary and I were both laughing. She looks like she may have put on some weight (or all bundled up) either way, she is the cutest bug I’ve ever seen. Hope the mommies are doing well too.

    • She looks so sweet n relaxed…..Glad she is looking so good….Hope things r good at home w/ everyone….Love n hugs to u all….

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