A little shuffle

I guess when it comes to scheduling, nothing is set in stone.

Leah’s sleep study, which was scheduled for April 6, is happening right this moment. They called this afternoon to let us know they had a last-minute cancellation. Leah is one disgruntled little baby right about now. Unfortunately they only had room for one parent, so Mandy took Leah up to the hospital and I am at home missing my favorite ladies. But it’s okay – I had a friend over earlier this evening and we watched highlights from the Kitten Bowl (which I have already seen in its entirety, but that is SO not the point). So all is good.

In addition, Leah’s next dilation (which was supposed to happen in two weeks) is now set for this coming Thursday due to scheduling conflicts with the doctors. I spoke with the NP this morning and it sounds like Leah’s stricture was very tight – like, about 2mm. That’s tiny. So it’s a good thing they are dilating now. If it had closed entirely, it would be a much more difficult fix.

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