A fun weekend!

I am posting tonight in honor of Aunti Staci, who needs some BabyBug photo-therapy after being rear-ended this morning. She also felt it was very creepy to keep seeing the BabyBorg photograph as the LeahValerie.com iPhone icon (since I guess it shows the most recent photo?). So here you go, Aunti Staci – another photoblast just for you!

Leah had a lovely weekend once she was all cleaned up from her sleep study. On Saturday we celebrated Jenna’s birthday with a table full of wacky, silly cousins. There was at least one hot-potato incident – as in, “Hey, can you please pass the baby?” and then she proceeds to be handed around like a game of hot potato until she gets to the appropriate cousin. Although usually in a game of hot potato people don’t try to sneak in a snuggle with the potato before they have to pass it along. Still.

On Saturday afternoon, Aunti Staci came over, and then Grandpa Bill and Grandma Barbie came to visit! Random silly moments in the BabyBug household: Aunti Staci had Leah on her lap and Leah was making all sorts of fun noises. Aunti Staci asked LeahBug, “Are you pooping?” and then sang it to her in a random melody. It reminded me a lot of “Do You Love Me” from “Fiddler on the Roof.” So I sang back, in Leah’s voice… “Am I poopiiiing…”

In less-amusing news… Leah has another dilation scheduled for this Thursday. It was supposed to be next Thursday, but there was a scheduling issue with the doctors. Sigh. Here we go again!

Okay – here you go, Aunti Staci!

Leah returned from her sleep study in dire need of a good shampooing – although in retrospect this would have been the PERFECT babyhawk opportunity.

The winner of the “pass the baby” game. Happy birthday, kiddo!

095 093
Naptime with Abby!


“Your hair is so pretty! And by pretty, I mean nummy!”

Silly Cousin Crew

“Mama, is this shopping?”

“Auntie Jo, your hair is red!”

Jeepers Creepers is starting to take an ever-so-slight interest in LeahBug.

“Something is in my bed. It appears to be a tiny human. I must investigate.”

“It stares back at me. Hmm.”

“It looks like a hand, but it is very small.”

Then he learned that it was indeed a hand when she grabbed a fistful of fur. He said, “Oh HELL no” and stomped away.

But he came back at a later date to continue his investigation.

Cool Aunti Erin’s band!

LeahBug, violence is never the answer.

This picture just busts me up. She has a mustache and beard, just like Grandpa Bill!

177 174
“Look, Mama! Toes!”

Such a sweet face. She loves that Gloworm.

019 010
On the swing again at OT! We have a smile and a squint.

045 102
Sometimes it’s the tiny things that keep us entertained. The very tiny things. Don’t worry – this is polish made especially for bitty bitty people, and we didn’t polish her fingernail since they spend too much time in her mouth…

…much like this…

…and this.

I love this little expression. I’m still figuring out what it means, but I love it.

Rabbit ears for lunch!

“Wait, hang on – I have something to say, but let me just finish this ear first.”

Inspecting her newly-purple toenails. “Um, Gran? Something’s different here.”

6 thoughts on “A fun weekend!

  1. So ADORABLE!!! That expression that you are still figuring out.. Wes had one just like it- will have to show you! The sleep study paraphernalia is so conducive to sleep! NOT!! Keep progressing little toenail painted bug!

  2. OMG I love all the pics and updates of the awesome things this beautiful Leah Bug is up to. She is too cute. I totally crack up looking at her awesome smiles and expressions. Can’t wait to see her in person soon. You go Baby Bug getting so big and strong soon she’ll be out of the door doing her own thing and you will be where did the time go. Just love her as much as you can and take one day at a time God is so good He’s in control. Love you guys , cousin Marilyn.

  3. Amen to that Marilyn; “GOD is in control.” That bug is amazing. She is progressing rapidly and it’s a joy & a privilege to be able to watch the process. Love the swing!

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