A couple of little firsts

We don’t have a new weight tonight since we got early spoilers last night. However, BabyPie had a couple of firsts today. The nurse said it’s time to start giving her some visual stimulation, so she propped up a little box thingie in front of her (mobile style) for entertainment while she ate (and of course by “ate” I mean “sat there like a royal doll while food was pumped into her tummy”). The box had mirrors on some sides and shapes on others. This means our wee Bug saw her own precious face for the first time today!

Leah also continues to be a gassy, gassy baby, so we have been trying to hold her upright a bit as that seems to help. Today we set up the Boppy in her isolette and propped her up for a feeding and nap. She sat like Queen LeahBug on her pillow throne (yes, I’m skipping the obvious Princess Leia reference). We were only missing palm fronds.

We now present you with pictures!

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Sleepy Bug partying like it’s Pesach

“MAMA! There’s another BabyBug over there!”

Angry Baby. (When I first called her Angry Baby, Mandy envisioned a new iPhone game app…)

Sleeping Beauty with blankie by Nicole G.M.  Thank you!!

Look at that hair! She is too cool for school – and also too tiny.

Pouty pout.

Wide awake and fascinated with the New Thing


“Hey Mamas – now I can see what I look like sleeping! I am so cute when I sleep! How do you stand it?”

Yawn or angry baby?

“Oh mee oh myy and heavens to Betsy!”

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Happy Mamas

7 thoughts on “A couple of little firsts

  1. You are two awesome mamas! Your little baby bug is absolutely adorable and I’m so glad she’s getting a bit bigger and, hopefully, stronger as well!

  2. She is so beautiful. I love her hair and her gorgeous blanket on first couple of photos! Another milestone today! Yay!

  3. Hi girls! Thank you so much for posting a pic of princess Leah with the blanket! I had a feeling it was a good color for her! 🙂
    Every time I read your updates I get a smile that can’t go away – she’s a fighter and so or the both of you. I constantly think about you guys and look forwrd to a day that we can meet and have a playdate! 🙂

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