A bunch of random.

Leah’s surgery is in ten days, if you pretend that today is still yesterday (seeing as how it’s 2:18AM).

Question of the day: If we were to have shirts made up for Team LeahBug, who among you might be interested in purchasing one?

Things that happened today:

– Leah weighed in at 4.94 kg. Allegedly. That’s 10 lbs, 14.25 oz. This is a pretty huge leap from her last weight, which was only a couple of days ago, so I’m going to go ahead and guess that it might be a tiny bit off. But we’ll take it while it lasts.

– Leah’s meal allotment was increased from 85 to 90 cc. She’s a growing girl!

– Leah had a bath and did not wind up with wild hair. Where did we go wrong?

– I had a decaf iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks (thank you, Gran!). It was glorious. I must not have another any time soon. Whew. That is way too much caffeine and sugar for somebody who has been living on broth, baby food and mashed ‘taters. Way way.

– This afternoon I went back to Ronald McDonald House to do laundry. Roughly 5 minutes after I started three different loads of laundry… the power went out on the whole block. Thankfully it was only out for half an hour. Still. Not cool. Curiously, the other Ronald McDonald House building (there are two) did not lose power. Apparently the dividing line for the electrical grid is right between the two buildings.

– Somehow I managed to whack my forehead on a washing machine. Don’t ask. It still hurts, but I think my dignity took the brunt of the impact.

– BabyBug’s Halloween costume is now washed and ready to wear. This outfit is going to require Yom Kippur levels of atonement and forgiveness. But I have faith that someday Leah will recognize that this costume needed to happen.

– I definitely do not have 63 GB of photos and videos of our child. *whistles and looks around*

That’s about it.

No, wait.

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Thank you to Sharon A. for the adorable ladybug blanket!!

NOW that’s about it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A bunch of random.

  1. I like to imagine that you had about 10 GB of BabyBug media before you drank the iced caramel macchiato, and NOW you have 63 GB. That is why in the first photo here Leah is like NO STOP MAMA I’M SLEEPING NOW.

  2. Leah & I had a grand time at bath time! I loved bathing her, putting on wonderful smell lotion and dressing her! Snuggly baby girl!

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