A belated update

Whew! I seem to have updated every venue but the blog! Here’s the update we sent out to the GoFundMe site:

We are delighted to report that Leah had her heart repair on Wednesday, October 8 and came home the following day.

Once in the cath lab, Leah’s doctors discovered that the VSD was larger than initially anticipated. There was a great deal of blood flow through the hole in Leah’s heart, and she was in heart failure. They also found that they had a little Goldilocks on their hands – the device they had intended to use turned out to be too big, and the backup device they had ordered was too small! Thankfully, the third device they tried was juuuuust right. They ultimately used a “plug” intended for VSDs in a different part of the heart.

There is still some leakage around the plug, but already her enlarged heart appears to be a more normal size, and the doctor feels that the leakage has a good chance of closing up as the tissue in her heart grows around the plug.

One major complication that we are watching out for is the potential for blood clots, since they use major arteries for the catheterization. Leah’s right foot was quite cold in the hospital, indicating diminished circulation. We brought her back up to the doctor on Friday because we felt that while it had improved in the hospital, it was not improving at home, and had gotten a little colder than it was when we left the hospital. They did an ultrasound and thankfully it looks like there is no clotting right now, but they have put Leah on low-dose aspirin and will be watching her closely – we have another visit on Monday. We are very grateful that her doctors are attentive and responsive to our concerns.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this nerve-wracking week, and always!!

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  1. GO FIGHT WIN! CARRY ON BEING BADASS, BABYGIRL! Storm takes her picture down off the fridge nearly every day to give her a kiss, we love you guys!

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