Recap of our long Tuesday

Whew. Today was a much more slow day than yesterday, but it was still a long one!

So, yesterday. BabyBug had a nice visit with her Aunti Staci in the morning and even got to snuggle with her for a bit. Eventually Leah started getting cranky, and so I took her back (which should explain the picture my little punk of a sister posted yesterday on Facebook, for those of you who saw it. LOL). The gauze on her Mic-Key button was wet and needed to be replaced, so the nurse cleared it up so she could put new gauze on. Unfortunately some of the fibers were stuck to the granulation tissue around the Mic-Key, so it was not a fun experience for Leah. She screamed and screamed, and got herself so worked up that she just would not stop crying. She went on like this for quite some time, and was spitting out her suction tube at the same time. At some point in the craziness, she must have irritated the lining of her throat or nicked something somewhere, because her secretions started turning red and blood started coming out of the tube. She was even spitting bloody spitballs, and it got caked all around her little mouth. She looked like she just came off the set of True Blood. Vampire Baby!

So here’s the part where I got really ticked off. Generally speaking, the nurses in the NICU are wonderful, and even when we get a little frustrated sometimes, I try not to let it spill into the blog, because again, the nurses are good at what they do, and it’s not fair to complain to the world if things aren’t 100% perfect, because things will never be 100% perfect. Plus you never know who’s reading and it would be really hurtful for somebody to read negative comments about themselves in somebody else’s blog. But both in the NICU and just generally in life, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Our nurse had to take her break during the time Leah was screaming non-stop (seriously, this went on for at least 30-45 minutes, and they seem pretty strict about enforcing breaks). While our nurse was gone, I was doing everything I could think of to console the baby, and she would get calmer for a minute or two and then start screaming again. After a few minutes, the nurse who was covering for our nurse during her break walked right up to me from across the room, plucked Leah out of my arms, and started trying to comfort the baby herself.

Here’s a tip: If a mother is trying to console her sobbing baby and has not asked for your help, DO NOT snatch Baby out of Mother’s arms and try to quiet her yourself. Don’t even ask if you can try. Because no matter what, the message that comes across is, “You’re failing, and I think I can do it better.” And that’s not cool. Have an idea about what might be bothering her? Okay. Tell me that. Suggestions are cool. Grabbing is not. And yes, it’s the NICU, so I get it – if a nurse has to come grab the baby because something is wrong, then absolutely, they should. They need to do what they have to do for the baby’s safety. But NICU parents have little enough control as it is – it’s important to let us do what we can, and unless it involves administering medical treatment, comforting a crying baby is definitely parental territory.

Anyway, when she failed to quiet Leah down after a minute or two, I asked for my child back, and proceeded, FINALLY, to calm her. LeahBug, your timing is impeccable.

< / rant >

So. The rest of the day yesterday wasn’t TOO bad – Baby continued to be cranky on and off throughout the day, largely because her tube kept getting clogged. Once she fell asleep we decided to head out and let her get some rest, but we needed more Baby Time, so we went back to the NICU around 9:30 and stayed until just after midnight. That was a much nicer visit.

Today Leah got a visit from her Aunti Staci, her Grandma Barbie, and her Great-Grandpa Mannie, who held her for the very first time. She screamed for a minute or two once my grandpa was holding her, but after that she fell asleep pretty quickly. She must like him!

We are precious! Our little bow is adorable! We like to look at our Aunti Staci’s funny face.

020 005
“Aunti Staci is so silly!”

Does this even need a caption?

193 189
Wiiiiiide awake baby

Loopy baby


Sweet bug getting her Mic-Key button checked. She went through several outfits yesterday because it kept leaking!

Kinda vampire baby! Mandy had already mopped her up at this point, but she missed a spot! She kinda does look a little vampire-ish here. We should get her the vampire paci. Hahaha.

052 031
Tubeless baby! Little Bug had to have her tube out a few times yesterday.

Wide-eyed tubeless baby!

“What is it?”

Knocked out after a looooong and exhausting day!

Sweet calm sleepy-pie after her visit with Great-Grandpa Mannie.

Baby Burrito! With kitties!

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  1. Yeah, I think the nurse might have done better just to ask you if you needed a break.

    That second “tubeless baby” picture looks like she’s hatching some sort of plan. An ADORABLE plan.

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