An update for you, finally!

We had a nice surprise this morning when we walked into the NICU: instead of a rockstar glow worm, we had a baby burrito! That’s right! BabyBug is off her bili lights, and is very happy to be swaddled again. Here’s hoping it stays that way!

Leah is now 3 lbs 11.8 oz. If she was on Weight Watchers I guess they would call this a plateau, except in the other direction! They are going to increase the supplement by another 2 calories per ounce, for a total of 24 calories (regular breast milk has about 20 calories per ounce).

The doctors have told us they plan to wait to do the contrast study until she reaches full term, which is in about 1.5 months. At that point they will have a better idea as to how long the gap is between the esophagus and the stomach. Apparently the gap can also narrow a little bit once she reaches full size, so it would not be as useful to do the study now when the length could change.

The nurses encourage parents to read aloud to their preemies to help calm them, so we have started reading “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to Leah. Somehow it seems appropriate. She seems to enjoy it so far. Perhaps she is dreaming of white rabbits and painted roses.

In case you are wondering how the Mamas are doing… Mama Mandy is finally able to rest on her side a little bit. She is super-tired, but healing slowly but surely! Mama Lisa is way too excited that she is able to eat saltines and broth-based vegetable soups. The broth and juice and Ensure were getting really boring!

Here are some new pictures for you. I had a memory card I couldn’t access until today, so some of the pictures are from a few days ago.

Baby’s uniform for today.

Baby Burrito


Tiny tongue

Smiling Burrito

Calm down, babygirl!

Mama Mandy Kangaroo – May 18

Beautiful BabyBug – May 18

Talk to the hand – May 18

Baby’s favorite position: face down on Mama’s chest – May 18

Mama Mandy Kangaroo – May 18

Sweet babygirl – May 18

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