Photoblast! (You’re welcome, Cynthia!)

Not too much to update, so I’ll mostly throw pictures at you. We had Gran stay with Leah on Friday so we could take a much-needed Mama Day, including a trip to the beach for our own little Tashlich, a Jewish custom performed during the High Holy Days. I can’t wait until we can bring Leah to see the ocean! She will be a great sand-castle architect. I just know it.

I spent Friday night and most of Saturday at Yom Kippur services, so I’ve been missing my BabyBug like crazy this weekend, even though I spent hours and hours with her after services yesterday. I’m running a BabyBug deficit. Need to balance that out with my sleep deficit. Today was better, though.

Like I said, there are not really any new updates for BabyBug. She’s growing, and her g-tube site is starting to look better. The tube is still clogging plenty, and she is still hacking up spitballs almost every day. Lately she has taken to coughing during her meals. It’s the oddest thing. We think perhaps she is salivating more from smelling the milk… but I’m also wondering if it’s possible that she’s experiencing reflux and some sort of muscle reflex is being triggered to make her cough or gag even though there is no connection between her stomach and her esophagus that would allow her to spit up.

In Mama news… I have my surgery a week from tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed that it helps. 

Quite possibly the cutest SleepyBug yet.

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This is what happens when our nurse puts a towel over our hair so we don’t get cold while we’re getting dressed. Hehe.
I had to tear myself away from this face yesterday morning to go to Yom Kippur services. With all of my health issues I’ve been ordered by my doc not to fast completely, but I managed to get through the holiday on one bottle of Ensure. But hey – I’ve had days where I consumed less (if you deduct calories up’n’out from calories in…) :-/

Mandy sent this photo to me while I was away. She made this dress!

Leah’s friends Jess and Wesley, who visited this past week. Who knew it was possible to get Leah to look at the camera at the same time as everyone else in the photo?

Working hard to hold our neck up to explore the tummy-time mat that  Jess and Wesley brought for her.


“Forget this! I’ll just eat my arm.”

Leah got all dressed up for a visit from her friends Linda and Eden this evening. She fell asleep pretty quickly, though, so we didn’t get a picture. 🙁 Next time!

Precious kiddo

Just a flash of cranky from Empress Baby. “Change my diaper!” “Feed me nummies!” “Flush my tube!” “Fan me with palm fronds!”

“ExCUSE me?” Our child can already raise a single eyebrow. This girl has ATTITUDE.

You are a welcoming back from the ocean

Tired Mommies

Mandy getting ready to rinse off seashells. She cleaned them and used them to make a little rattle for BabyBug. If we can’t bring her to the ocean we’ll bring the ocean to her!

As above, so below

Mandy’s masterpiece.

Today, Aunti Staci came to visit along with her childhood friend Sharona (above). Mama Lisa babysat for her a few times!

Later, we practiced visual tracking the 21st-century way – by taking selfies.

Never mind. THIS is the sweetest SleepyBug ever.

BabyBug can-can do the can-can. Then, she can-can have a poopsplosion, necessitating a bath and costume change.

“Tra la la, it’s my first time in a real bath tub!”

135 134
“You’re going to post this photo where? Now wait just one minute!”

“This hair! I will, I will, I WILL have my revenge!”

Humiliating hair right before it got fixed… but not before the next photo happened.

“MOMMY! This is  no better!”

Sitting up on our awesome new quilt from Kyra & Mike

Laying down on our awesome new quilt from Kyra and Mike

The tail end of a tantrum on our awesome new quilt from Kyra and Mike

Thank you Dana!

Can we help it if she is adorable in pink frilliness?

152 153 092
“What? Mama’s taking pictures? I’d better smile! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE! BTW I <3 Raining Jane!” (teehee)

“How cute am I?”

“Super-duper cute – even when the Mamas put me in humiliatingly girly outfits.” (For the record, this was ALL Mama Lisa, and I’m not sorry)

“Mouse over if you want my opinion on this whole bow/headband situation.”

The headband is pretty ridiculous, right? It could be rebranded as My First Umbrella! Look at that face. She LOVES it. Hehehehe.

A short update from my phone

It was a silver nitrate kind of day. Fine for the first half and screamy for the second half. BabyBug had to have Tylenol to help with the pain, which seemed to get worse after a couple of hours. But once the Tylenol kicked in she actually smiled a couple of times while I was holding her. Little twitchy smiles. In the transition from screaming to calm she had been practicing her teenager faces – one eyebrow raised, scowl, pout, eye roll. Her tube also clogged multiple times today and they did deep suctioning in her nose and mouth twice (where they stick a catheter down and suction out what’s accumulated there). Bunch of spit balls too.

Now the little Bug is in her crib, WIDE awake and talking / snorting to herself. Every once in a while I hear a little “aye” coming from her direction. That’s her favorite syllable. “Aye.” Perhaps she is working up to “oy vey.”

Tubeless bebe!!!!

Other news

In case I forgot to mention it yesterday – the docs have agreed to let us do a trial run of feeding without fortifying the breast milk with formula. We are very pleased about this – they were only ever adding a few extra calories, but who really knows what is in that formula? We were never thrilled about it. Now that Leah has a surgery date set, it is no longer necessary to get her to gain weight more quickly – if she is 9 lbs now, she should be 10 lbs by November 1 easily. So as long as Leah continues to gain weight, they will let us hold off on the fortifier!

Photoblast and a date for LeahBug’s surgery

So Leah managed to break both of our hearts this week, in her own tiny and endearing way. The other day, Mandy was cradling Leah in her arms and she started trying to nurse, making little smacking noises and nibbling on Mandy’s shirt. It was simultaneously the sweetest and saddest thing she’s done. Then yesterday morning, the surgical residents came in to put the silver nitrate on the granulation tissue forming around Leah’s Mini button. I went to stand by her, and she opened her eyes and smiled up at me a couple of times in that twitchy way that she smiles. She was so sweet and snuggly and it was so sad because I knew in a few seconds she would be screaming. I got up to stand with her this morning as well, when they drew blood. This poor kid is going to start thinking every time she sees me standing at her bed something horrible is going to happen!

BabyBug had lots of visitors this weekend. Thursday morning I went to Rosh Hashanah services, and in the afternoon, cousin Natalie brought cousin Jenna for a visit. Friday, Leah got to meet her Great-Uncle Ricky and Great-Auntie Heather for the very first time! We had a fabulous visit! Saturday, Gran and Uncle Bryan both came to visit, and Uncle Bryan took us all out for lunch. Thanks, Uncle Bryan! On Sunday, Great-Uncle Ricky and Great-Auntie Heather came back for another visit along with Grandpa Bill (Leah must have been so confused – Grandpa Bill and Great-Uncle Ricky look so much alike they could be twins!). A little bit later in the morning, cousin Zachary and Aunti Staci came to visit, and we had a cousin party. Good times.

Today, LeahBug started off her day with labs (she starts off every week with a case of the Mondays!). Another week, another blood draw! Later in the morning, Mama went home for a bit, but first she ran amok in Babies R Us with Leah’s Gran (WAIT until you see the dress Gran got for her!!). Later in the afternoon, Uncle Ralph took me back to the hospital and stayed to visit for a bit before skipping off to the Dodgers came with Grandpa Bill. We also had a nice visit from one of my old classmates from law school.

I probably should have led with this, but we have a surgery date for Leah: November 1. They were going to schedule it on October 31 (I guess they really meant END of October!) but the doctor will be away that day. I guess this means Leah will be conscious for her first Halloween after all. 🙂 But she definitely won’t be home by Thanksgiving!!! That would have made a really nice Chanukah present.

photo (4)
Have you ever seen such a sweet, thoughtful, and just generally awesome quilt? It’s from our friends Kyra and Mike and their son Avi. Thank you, guys!!! Can’t wait to start using it for tummy time!!

“This is sooooo humiliating! I’m toooootally not an 80’s girl! Uuuuuugh! Get it off of meeee!”

“Okay, this is much better. Mommy made a pretty dress!”

“Yeah, I’m wearing a crocheted dress that my Mommy made. You got somethin’ to say about it?”

Pretty girl

Great-Uncle Ricky! “Um, hi, did anyone ever tell you that you look like my Grandpa Bill?”

Auntie Heather

All together now!

Chillin’ with Mommy

Empress Baby on her throne

A Valley Girl moment


Sweet BabyBug

“Um, ‘scuse me, but your fingers are kinda huge.”

I think what makes baby yawns so awesomely awesome is that they do NOT hold back. We grown-ups try to stifle our yawns, but babies just let it all out.

“Oh yeah. I’m wearing the cutest outfit on the planet. NBD.”

Even in socks, baby feets are the best feets.

Mommy and PreppyBug

“You think I’m adorable? Oh, stop. No, go on. Stop. Go on.”

Practicing her “Mean Girls” look.

“Oh, hai! You look kinda like my Mommy… but bigger… and hairier… and taller… and you don’t smell like milk. Also, no boobies.”

“I’m booooored, Uncle Bryan! Tell me a stooooory.”


FaceTime with Grandpa Mannie!

“The red bunny was tastier but I guess dots are okay.”

Our little family!

236 268

Our little family again!

What a ham!!!

Upside-down adorability

Precious BabyBug

Elvis Valerie. “Thank you, thank you very much.”

Sweet SleepyBug

I love this smooshy face

Grandpa Bill in his Dodgers jersey.


326 331
Leah’s favorite Aunti Staci

feetsies 333
Zach-thumb and Leah-foot on June 10 and again on September 7. I have a photo of me holding Leah’s little footsie and I will take a similar one and post that too! OMG her feet are the cutest feet.

“Shhhh. Don’t talk.”

290 295
Mama Lisa and Cousin Zach.

301 302
Not that Mama Lisa doesn’t trust cousin Zach to support baby’s head, but…

Okay, in all fairness, those previous two pictures were meant to be a parody of this photo of me holding Zach, with several adults hovering over me. Not gonna lie though – Mama had her hand on Leah’s head through like, the whole first half of the Zach+Leah snugglage.

306 307
It’s probably not a great idea to have this many cousins together at any given time. Horrible puns ensue.

Somehow I don’t think this is what they mean when they refer to “designer babies.” But hey – they came in a 3-pack at Ross, so it could be worse!

271 273
The view from the hospital window at OMG o’clock in the morning.

Chubby Bunny

Ms. LeahBug just hit 9 lbs!!!! 9 lbs, 2.4 oz, to be exact. Way to go, BabyBug!!!! Pretty soon she will be 3x her birth weight!

Today Leah is exactly 4 months old. Happy monthiversary, little love!

Check out those bangs!