I’m Father/Parent!

We picked up BabyBug’s birth certificate today so we could finish up some administrivia at Mandy’s work. I am officially listed as Father/Parent. I guess it’s better than just “Father.” When you submit the request for the certificate, the form asks for the father’s full name and the mother’s maiden name. The lady at the county clerk’s office asked, “And what’s the father’s name, again?” I was like… “Um, that’s me.” Good times.

After our trip to the registrar/county clerk’s office, we stopped by Mandy’s work to drop off the paperwork, and got to say hello to some of Mandy’s colleagues. Hi everybody! It was nice to see you today!

Then we fiiiiinally got to the NICU, where we found BabyBug in WIDE AWAKE mode. Oh man. She was soooo awake. She isn’t quite making eye contact yet, but you can tell she’s looking at you because she kind of looks like she’s looking over your head. Maybe she sees the ghosts at our shoulders or something. SO she just kept loooooooking and staaaaaring. See for yourself:

I especially enjoy the lady-like little snorts.

029 033

So, the little sweetheart and I had a nice time making faces at each other for a good while, and then when her eyes started to flutter a bit, we had a deep and meaningful chat about the sorts of things she can’t do to her big brothers when she comes home. For example:

  1. No pulling tails.
  2. No riding the kitties as if they were ponies.
  3. We only pet in one direction – from head to tail. NOT the other way.
  4. No using kitties as pillows (ahem, Aunti Staci!)
  5. No putting dresses on the kitties, even if Jeepers Creepers would look beautiful in yesterday’s yellow number.
  6. When we get a bicycle, we cannot carry the kitties in our handlebar basket.
  7. No bringing kitties to school in our backpacks. They are not for show-and-tell.

By the time we were finished with this serious discussion, Leah was fast asleep. Mission accomplished!

BabyBug naps on Mommy’s chest.

Empress Baby on her throne.

Another day, another dress

First: Happy birthday, Grandma Marilyn!!! Your great-grandbug loves you!

BabyBug had a big day today! She got to meet a whooooole bunch of cousins (okay, four) plus her great-aunt and great-uncle (on Gran’s side). She had lots of fun, except for that part where we put her in another dress. It’s a little big since it’s size 3 mo, but she had to show it off for her great-uncle since he bought it for her! The result is that she looks kind of like she’s going to a debutante ball. She was not happy about the dress, although to be fair most of that displeasure was at the fact that once again we had to dress her before nom-nom time. Result: Aaaaaaangry baby.

“Another dress??? Phhhthhththththththt is what I say! You’ll never get me into that!”

“Awww, crap.”


Angry Shirley Temple?

“On the other hand, I am pretty freakin’ darling.”

“Okay. I accept my appointment as Dear Leader. Kneel before Zod.”

Great-Auntie Chris

Great-Uncle Bob

“Really? You think you can just pick me up and I’ll forgive you? Just like that? I’m still mad at you, lady!”

“Okay, I forgive you.”

Just another day in the NICU

Not too much to update today. Leah is 6 lbs 4.7 oz of cute.



Mandy crocheted a Boppy cover! With no pattern! I’m married to a crocheting genius!

107 113
Her two looks: Sweet-adorable, and scrunchy-adorable.

Also, WIDEAWAKE-adorable

She loves her mommy!!!

Look how much BabyBug has grown!!

Another rough day!

We had another rough day today! We had a nice visit from Aunti Staci, but pretty soon Leah started coughing and gagging on her tube because it was clogged. When the nurse replaced it, somehow the positioning wasn’t quite right, because after a few minutes Leah started gagging and would not stop! The nurse had gone on her lunch break by that time and the nurses who were covering for her helped me suction her mouth – ultimately we had to just leave the tube out for a bit because every time the nurses tried to put it back in, Leah would just cough and gag and turn unpleasant colors in the face. Finally BabyBug’s nurse came back and just re-taped the whole thing, and then after that it was fine for most of the day. She did have another little episode later in the day where she started gagging a bit and coughed up a spitball, but at least it wasn’t as bad as that first episode. It was not fun!! She wore herself out, too; she slept for a good chunk of the day. Poor kid. She puts up with so much! It seems like this is happening more and more often as she grows.

I love my crazy Aunti Staci!

“E.T. Phone Home!” Craaaaaazy Aunti Staci strikes again.

Catching her breath during a tube change. Poor tubeless BabyBug!

“What an exhausting day!”

We don’t like getting shots!

BabyBug has been pretty slow to gain weight since she hit 6 lbs, but she is at 6 lbs 3 oz now. Yay!

Leah got her 2-month vaccines yesterday and today, so she is pretty out of it and is running a little fever. She was very sleepy yesterday, and was a little bit more alert today but was still relatively lethargic. They’re giving her some Tylenol tonight.

Not much else to report besides more of the same – breathing issues, leaking Mic-Key button, inflammation at the insertion site. The surgeons are keeping an eye on it and we’ve been told the leaking should stop as she gets bigger.

Here are some pics for you!

027 (2)
Cousin Jenna visiting!

015 006 012
“Mommy, why did you let them steal my hands?”

“Whew. That was an exhausting cry.”

047 037
I haz a tubeless baby!

005 (2)
First Kangaroo with Mommy since the Mic-Key button went in. She’s right back to her favorite spot.

Smooshy face

Pinchable cheekies

Wide-eyed Buggy

The many faces of Ms. Bug

Just a quick note…

…to say hi. Mandy had a lovely birthday – thanks for all the good birthday wishes you sent to her! We started the day with a nice birthday breakfast (well, Mandy did. I had broth.) and finished it by passing the last minutes of the day in the NICU with the BabyBug curled up in Mandy’s arms. In between we had visits from family and friends and had a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant. It was a good day.

BabyBuggy has been slow to gain weight since she hit 6 lbs. She’s now up to 6 lbs and 0.5 oz. She is still throwing epic tantrums when she doesn’t get fed right when she is hungry, so the nurses have gradually been shifting her feeding schedule. If she gets too worked up before she gets fed then it takes forever to feed her because she pushes the food out of her belly when she cries. Now she’s getting spoiled too, because when we are there when it happens we pick her up and pat her back to soothe her and let the food go down. She just loves being held so much – how can we not? On the other hand, our nurse said tonight (and I paraphrase), “If you have plenty of time and are very patient, go ahead and hold her every time. Otherwise she is going to have to learn how to self-soothe.” I’m thinking this is good advice. But she looks so tragic when she cries! (I guess that’s how they get you.)

Buggy is still having problems with her repogle (the suction tube). She coughs up spitballs almost every day, and twice now she has started gagging and concentrating so much on coughing up the spitball that she forgot to breathe and her heart rate fell. We watch her like a hawk now because of all these issues.

In other news, this kid is awfully cute. Did you know?

One more thing

I may not get a chance to respond personally to each comment you guys post on the blog, but know that we are reading every last one and I so look forward to those little email notifications saying we have a comment. A great number of them are comment spam for designer prom dresses and erectile dysfunction medications, but the ones that come from you make up for all the rest. We love them. And for those of you who read the posts but don’t comment, thank you so much for continuing to follow Leah’s progress. Thank you to *everyone* for being BabyBug’s cheerleaders.

That is all. Good night.
Oh – one more thing. It is officially Mandy’s birthday! Happy birthday, Mommy Mandy!

Family-Filled Day

BabyBug had a busy day today! She got visits from her Uncle Bryan, her Aunt Corine, and her cousins Sasha and Savannah. Her cousins Oleg and Soleil were too young to come say hello. Gran was here today as well. After the visits, we all went out to lunch at “The Melt,” where everybody but me had grilled cheese sandwiches. < insert self-pity here > After lunch we went back to the hospital and Uncle Ralph came by to visit. After Ralph and Gran left, Mamas gave the BabyBug a bath and then it was time for feeding. Well, it was time for an attempt at feeding that was largely thwarted for the first 45 minutes because the little bug was trying really hard to produce a diaper for us. We tried everything possible to console her while she was in the isolette, but in the end we finally gave up and held her (with rocking and pats on the back), which is really probably what she wanted all along. BabyBug gets her way. I guess we should get used to it.

Our feet are even more cute today in our little bunny outfit from cousin Savannah.

Bunny Feets

Peaceful Bug

Baby Conga
Baby Conga

Uncle Bryan

Aunt Corine

Our girl is Ruff ‘n’ Tough!

“Another BabyHawk, Mamas? Hasn’t Aunti Staci had her fill yet?”

Baby finally goes to sleep after much effort from the Mamas.